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Burning Calories While Working Behind the Desk Now Possible With Just One Simple Move That is Equivalent to 10 Marathons

working behind the desk
Burning Calories While Working Behind the Desk Now Possible With Just One Simple Move That is Equivalent to 10 Marathons (PHOTO: Active)

Working behind the desk for long hours or sitting for long periods is not good for the health because it increases the risk of developing various illnesses, such as heart diseases. But Dr. Michael Mosley said that there is one way to avoid this by only doing one simple task that is equal to doing ten marathons.

standing desks

Dr. Michael Mosley advises standing for at least three days a day to burn calories even while working behind the desk. (PHOTO: Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce)

Sitting is the New Smoking

The body is built to stand upright to help the cardiovascular system effectively and efficiently work. However, a sedentary lifestyle of too much sitting and lying has become more common in the recent decades that is now dubbed as the new smoking.

According to Mayo Clinic, sitting more means using less energy than standing or moving. Additionally, it is associated with a number of health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat in the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. But most of all, it increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.

Studies have shown that sitting for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity has a similar risk of dying to obesity and smoking.

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One Simple Move to Burn Calories Even While Working Behind the Desk 

Michael Mosley, a former doctor who turned into a TV journalist and broadcaster, said that there is one simple way to burn large amounts of calories. This one simple way is to stand up.

Daily Star reported that in an episode in BBC Radio 4 podcast: Just One Thing, Mosley said that simply standing without doing any squats can help burn calories. He cited a study that he was a part of a few years ago that standing up for at least three hours a day for a week can increase the number of calories being burned.

Their study also showed that heart rates improved so much that when added in one year, the body can burn the same calories as the amount a person can burn in ten marathons.

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