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How to Reduce Bloating? Simple, Effective Method Shrinks Swollen Belly and Improves Mental Health

Stomach bloating is a condition in which the belly feels full and tight due to gas. Although the reason behind it is usually physical, a person’s mental state may also be responsible. Experts say there is a simple and effective method that will help shrink a swollen belly and improve mental health. 

Gut and Brain connection illustration

An illustration of the connection between the gut and the brain. (PHOTO: iStock Images)

Causes of Stomach Bloating

Sometimes people confuse stomach bloating with other reasons, such as abdominal wall laxity. But it is important to know their difference for proper treatment.

It is typically due to constipation that makes the belly look swollen, and having fewer bowel movements than usual is one symptom of constipation. Additionally, straining to start or finish a bowel movement, hard stool, and not feeling empty after a bowel movement is also symptoms of constipation.

The longer the colon stays inside the colon, the more time the bacteria will ferment and produce gas, which causes stomach bloating. However, previous studies have shown that the connection between the gut and the brain may also play a role in bloating.

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Meditation Helps Lower Anxiety and Stress to Reduce Stomach Bloating

The interconnected relationship between the brain and the gut means that if one of them is disturbed, it could lead to the other being disturbed as well. That means psychological stress could also equal an upset tummy.

Finding tools to combat stress and anxiety is also equal to reducing bloating. Experts recommend mindfulness-based stress reduction methods appear to be an effective way to lower anxiety and stress levels.

Buddhist meditation teacher Lodro Rinzler said meditation would help people relax and feel less stressed out or anxious. As a result, they will have a good night’s sleep and could transform one’s life given the proper time and instruction.

Meanwhile, other ways to reduce stress and anxiety include exercise, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, reducing caffeine intake, and spending time with loved ones.

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