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Biden Eligible for Duty After His Medical Test, Doctor Says

President Joe Biden is healthy and fit for his role at the age of 79 although he is showing some signs of aging Biden’s physician confirmed on Friday that he is fit for the duty.

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is Healthy and fit for the Presidency duty (photo Bloomberg)

President’s Health Has Been An Issue Since He Declared His Bid for the White House

President Biden is entitled as the oldest American President in history. Biden had an annual physical check-up before the day of his 79th birthday, he visited his doctor Kevin O’Connor at Walter Reed Medical Center for Colonoscopy and routine check-ups.

The Physician wrote it in a six-page health record which was released by the White House declaring that the President remains to be in good health, a vigorous 78-year-old man who is fit for the presidency role. In addition, the doctor highlighted the two specific observations he had first is the severity of  “throat-clearing” and coughing during speaking engagements is an aspect of digestive disorder or known as gastroesophageal reflux, or GERD and the other one is stiffened gait.

A year ago Biden had a fractured foot while playing with his dog he twisted his ankle and slipped, As a result of that incident it could contribute to recent O’Connor’s findings. Physician Kevin O’Connor noted at President Biden’s health summary that “Biden’s ambulatory gait that perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it was a year or so ago.” he added “He has several reasons explaining for this orthopedic history but again, a detailed investigation was appropriate”

Vice President Kamala Harris

While President Biden went for his Annual physical check-ups he also transferred the power to VP Kamala Harris. She was known to be the first female Vice President and the first woman to be in the presidential reigns for 1 hour and 25 minutes acting President.