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$600 Stimulus Check To Be Granted To American Workers

Stimulus Check
$600 Stimulus Check to be granted to workers in farm and meatpacking industry. (Photo: MARCA)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has chosen to award them $600 from a $700 million assistance package, so they might get a stimulus check shortly.

Stimulus Check

$600 Stimulus Check to be granted to workers in farm and meatpacking industry. (Photo: MARCA)

$600 For Workers in Farm and Meatpacking Industry

In a recently published article in Digital Market News, agricultural and meatpacking employees were among the most hit by the pandemic and the resulting economic collapse. They may soon get a stimulus check, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s decision to pay them $600 from a $700 million assistance program.

The COVID-19 virus has had a significant influence on meatpacking and agricultural employees who must work closely together. The virus killed 132 employees in the meatpacking industry and affected or exposed 22,000 others, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which represents 80 percent of the nation’s pig and beef sector and a third of poultry workers.

The meatpacking factories were attacked by some of the most severe assaults during the initial phase of the pandemic, according to Marc Perrone, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers, and every worker deserved recognition and help. Employees at grocery stores will get a modest portion of the stimulus cheque as a test experiment. The cost of providing assistance to supermarket staff is anticipated to be over $20 million.

$600 Stimulus Check for Workers To Cover the Expenses During the Pandemic

Because they had to pay for their own safety equipment, the employees were exposed to both physical and financial risks. Officials anticipate that the verdict will pay a portion of the expenses of employees acquiring personal protective equipment, as well as the losses incurred as a result of unpaid leave while the virus decimated these companies and farms.

As part of this assistance, the expenditures related with the COVID-19 pandemic will be reimbursed. Personal protective equipment (PPE), dependent care, and setting up quarantines are all covered.

On Labor Day, while recognizing the country’s achievements, Vilsack highlighted that farmworkers and meatpackers had been facing significant challenges, which must be recognized. As a consequence, the administration’s stimulus check grant program is merely another instrument for alleviating the suffering of pandemic victims.