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Anti-Inflammatory Diet Including Tea and Coffee Cuts Down Dementia Risks by One-Third

cup of tea
A cup of jasmine tea. (PHOTO: Pixabay)

An anti-inflammatory diet composed of fruits, vegetables, legumes, as well as tea and coffee has been found to be effective in combatting age-related inflammation and reducing dementia risks by one-third. This suggests that people could protect their brains by eating healthy foods.

fruits and vegetables

A vegan salad bowl composed of fruits and vegetables. (PHOTO: Anna Pelzer/Unsplash)

People’s Diets Affect Cognition

Daily Mail reported that researchers recruited 1,059 participants aged 65 years old and up that will be answering questionnaires about what they had eaten in the past month. Among these participants, researchers noted that 62% of them have developed dementia.

They divided them into three groups based on their answers to the questionnaires. The team found that those who have the least anti-inflammatory diets were three times more likely to develop dementia. Meanwhile, those who scored high scores in the questionnaire indicated that they had the worst diet and showed that they have 0.64 points higher than those who did not.

Taking into consideration their educational background, they found that those with higher educational attainment are less likely to get dementia. However, every one-point increase in the inflammatory score of the participant’s diet is also associated with a 21% increase in their dementia risk. Previous studies suggest that people with high inflammatory diets have poorer memory and experience cognitive decline at a younger age.

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Why is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Good for Cognition?

According to The Sun, an anti-inflammatory diet benefits the brain because it suppresses the dementia risk. This diet is composed of foods rich in vitamins and minerals that protect neurons from damage and prevent age-related inflammation in the body.

Moreover, tea is known to contain antioxidants, while coffee is bursting with compounds linked to antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. These two household staples are considered to be protective agents against dementia and cognitive decline.

In contrast, foods that are rich in saturated fats, sugar, and salt can trigger inflammation in the body and increase the risk of not only dementia but several other diseases because it lacks the nutrients that the body needs.

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