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HPV Vaccine May Eliminate Cervical Cancer As First Real-World Data Shows 87% Reduction in Cases on Those Vaccinated

The first real-world data from the Cancer Research UK showed that cervical cancer cases decreased among British women who received the vaccination against the human papillomavirus infection (HPV). The HPV vaccine program against cervical cancer started in England in 2008, which showed a substantial reduction in cases.

HPV vaccine

How does the HPV vaccine work? (Photo: Noman)

Cervical Cancer Caused by Viruses

BBC News reported that nearly all cervical cancers are caused by viruses. Due to that, researchers thought of using vaccination to eliminate the deadly disease.

Cervical cancer kills more than 300,000 women each year, making it the fourth most common cancer in the world. Unfortunately, cervical cancer screening is mostly unavailable to many women of which 9 out of 10 live in low and middle-income countries. Delayed screening means lower outcomes that may lead to death.

Through the vaccination program, scientists hope to improve the situation in these countries than wealthier nations, such as the UK. As of now, over 100 countries are already using the vaccine as part of the plans of the World Health Organization (WHO) to eliminate cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Rates Dropped in the US and the UK

According to Medical Xpress, the UK has seen a drop in cervical cases due to the HPV vaccine in which the estimated risk reduction was most notable to those who were vaccinated earlier. Girls aged 12-13 years old had an 87% drop, while those immunized between 16 to 18 years old saw a 34% dip.
Meanwhile, CNN reported that the US CDC who recommended the HPV vaccine for 11 to 12-year-old girls back in 2006 also showed a significant drop in cervical cancer rates in 2021. But HPV vaccination rate has not yet caught up with other vaccines in the country.