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Ford Unveils Concept of an All-Electric Four Wheel Vehicle Based on Its 1978 F-100 Pickup

Ford's F-100 Eluminator
Ford's F-100 Eluminator inspired from their 1978 F-100 pickup (Photo: Ford)

Young at heart, American car company Ford is bringing back its F-100 pickup from 1978 to its newest model of an electric car. The company and its partners have built the vehicle to showcase its new e-crate motor that is currently on sale through the company’s aftermarket and performance division.

Ford's F-100 Eluminator

Ford F-100 Eluminator exterior and interior photos (Photo:

Ford’s F-100 Eluminator Electric Pickup

Mashable reported that Ford is building an electric pickup called F-100 Eluminator that is based on their 1978 F-100 pickup and features the Ford Performance Parts’ Eluminator electric crate motor that costs US$3,900.

Unfortunately, this all-electric four-wheel vehicle is still a concept for now and not yet on sale on any Ford dealer. But it only shows how the aesthetics of electric cars are being improved, or in this case, being reused. The car is giving the ’70s vibe without tearing the ozone layer every time it is being used.

Ford’s global director of Vehicle Personalization, Accessories and Licensing Eric Cin said that their new electric pickup is a preview of their intention in supporting electric cars as customers slowly go all-electric these days.

Electric Cars Better for the Environment

Studies have shown that electric cars are better for the environment than the typical car with its gas guzzlers. Unlike conventional cars, electric cars emit fewer greenhouse gases that pollute the air and harm the ozone layer even when taken into account its production and electricity generation to keep them running.

Ford’s latest electric pickup could hopefully encourage car companies and the people to widen the potential of electric cars and encourage everyone to get away from using petrol.