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Manchin: Democrats Should ‘Stop Playing Games’ With $1T Infrastructure Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin stated on Monday, encountering a notable blow to President Joe Biden’s hopes for getting his initiative passed, that House Democrats must halt “playing games” with the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. He addressed the lower chamber’s progressive lawmakers that holding it “hostage” would not help him back the $1.75 trillion social spending package.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) addresses the press at the US Capitol in Washington. (Photo: Reuters)

Manchin underscored his remonstrances by calling an atypical news conference. He indicated it will take a very long time to agree on negotiation on the president’s “Build Back Better” package. This is notwithstanding the White House and Biden seeking passage this week to support the president while on his visit abroad.

No Support from Manchin

According to Manchin, he would not look to back a $1.75 trillion framework on climate change and social spending announced the previous week. He stated that while has made amicable efforts to find a way for compromise, it is apparent that compromise is not sufficient for his numerous Congress colleagues. He added, “It’s all or nothing, and their position doesn’t seem to change unless we agree to everything,” reported Reuters. Manchin then remarked it was about time that all of Washington’s inducted leaders should stop playing games with the US citizens’ needs in holding an essential infrastructure bill hostage.

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Urging the House to Vote

Manchin prompted House representatives to vote on the infrastructure bill he contributed in setting forth through the Senate. This was as the White House remained adamant the bill could win his support. He denounced what he touted as “mischaracterizations” regarding his position in the press conference.

The West Virginia Democrat said he will not back a bill that is this essential without meticulously understanding the effect that it will have on the economy of the United States, its debt, and the American public. He noted considerations over the use of what he depicted as “budget gimmicks” in the framework and inflation. He said the overall cost of the package may be twice as large as different programs are expanded. Such a declaration is a blow to Democrats who would like to bring to the House floor the current week a vote on both the social spending package and the bipartisan infrastructure deal, which would fulfill significant agendas of the Biden administration, reported NPR.

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