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COVID-19 Programs That Continue to Offer Financial Assistance In Lieu of 4th Stimulus Check

Federal lawmakers who are dealing with negotiations over President Joe Biden’s budget display no semblance of proffering more extensive stimulus checks. However, numerous Americans who lost their salaries during the global health crisis, remain to be seeking help as they are dealing with increasing prices for much of their expenses. More individuals developed a more grim view of the country’s economy over October. 65 percent touted it as “poor,” as indicated in a new survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

But there are still COVID-19 grant funding opportunities for small businesses, non-profit organizations, artists, and journalists. The COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath, which is the economic crisis, have put numerous American economic sectors under unexpected strain. The Treasury Department is providing financial support to the American industry. This is in order for them to better offer assistance to US workers and play a significant role in setting forth the national recuperation effort.

Numerous Americans who lost their livelihood during the global health crisis are still seeking financial assistance. COVID-19 programs are still offering billions of dollars. (Photo: Dynamics Insights)

COVID-19 Financial Aid Programs

You may need help with paying expensive bills or worse — debt. The following COVID-19 financial assistance programs that provide billions of dollars could serve you well.

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1. Untapped Rent Assistance

Over 3/4 of $46.6 billion remains to be available in funds for the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to the most recent United States Treasury data, this is in order to provide aid to grappling renters.

2. Mid-America Arts Alliance American Rescue Plan Grants

The Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) American Rescue Plan Grants program proffers operating backing to organizations that develop, present, advance, or provide service to the arts. The motive of the program is to assist organizations in combatting economic turmoil resulting from the coronavirus, reported Grant Station.

3. Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services Program

This financial program is proffering qualified transportation service companies with resources to contribute in hiring back employees, overseeing payroll, and paying for operational expenses, among others, reported the US Department of Treasury.

4. Financial Aid for Distressed Homeowners

If you are finding difficulty paying for utility bills and house payments, you may seek financial assistance through a $10 billion mortgage assistance program. You could receive money if you have a loan balance that does not exceed $548,250 (for most parts of the United States).

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