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China-Taiwan Conflict: Taiwanese MP Says Beijing Could Cause Harm Over Indo-Pacific While Trying To Reunify Island

This is not the first time Chinese planes have flown into Taiwan's air defence zone. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)

A Taiwanese MP said that China’s endeavor to reunify the island would lead to regional instability and worldwide catastrophe. This comes as Taiwan found itself in the heart of a power war between the United States and China.

Taiwanese Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee member Wang Ting-Yu guaranteed that the island will not surrender to the People’s Republic of China. This comes as Beijing takes matters more seriously after the United States put down the gauntlet but declined to challenge China, claiming that the Americans are using the island as a pretext.

An AH-64 Apache attack helicopter releases flares during the Han Kuang drill at the Ching Chuan Kang (CCK) air force base in Taichung, central Taiwan, on June 7, 2018. – Taiwan on June 7 staged its largest annual drills simulating Chinese attacks as Beijing stepped up military and diplomatic pressure on the island amid growing tensions. (Photo by SAM YEH / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images)

The US Reacts Over Taiwan-China Issue

The White House has issued a statement attempting to retract President Biden’s previous remarks regarding Taiwan’s defense if China invades. Beijing took it seriously, as Biden stated that the US would back Taiwan in the case of an armed clash. However, many people doubt that the United States would keep its promise, wrote Taipei Times.

In essence, what Biden said was an official shift in policy. But the White House is attempting to rectify what the president stated was incorrect. This suggests that the United States may not come to Taiwan’s help. In a town hall meeting in Baltimore, Washington DC Correspondent Kethevane Gorjestani said emphatically yes to the assertion by US President Joe Biden that Taiwan will be defended.

There is some disagreement regarding how Biden responded to the question of whether the US would protect the island if he made a public declaration. But there was no change in foreign policy. According to the White House, the Taiwan Relations Act established an official partnership with the United States. As a result, Taipei has the right to protect itself, and Washington opposes China’s actions. It’s a caution to China not to act hastily. Although what Joe Biden claimed regarding Taiwan’s defense is inaccurate, he made an error in his statement, which is being remedied. It’s unclear whether the United States will assist China’s attempt to reunify the island.

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Taiwan MP Said Beijing Is Not Being Cautious and It Could Be Extremely Dangerous

China has been investing in technology and capabilities in its air force and navy, which has resulted in higher costs. The PLA is constantly putting the Republic of Taiwan’s capacity to the test by breaching its airspace with many fighters and bombers. According to Express UK, this is the threat that the islands confront on a regular basis.

The Taiwanese MP said that the PLA is improving every day. He added that dealing with them requires prudence and constant monitoring. Furthermore, given the current circumstances, the Chinese have a problem with their military forces being overconfident.

Officials mentioned this issue when Xi Jinping refused to stand down and continue his program. According to the BBC, the military was greatly improved in 2022 for the aim of reunification. The military will be participating in actions aimed at inciting confrontation in the South China Sea, along the Himalayan frontiers near Indian borders, in the Taiwan Strait, and on the Senkaku Islands in the Sea of Japan. The fundamental issue is China’s desire to reunify the island. Everything in the Indo-Pacific is on a downward slope, with a danger that might be devastating if it is triggered.

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