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Biden’s Approval Rating Falls to 42 Percent, POTUS Not Affected

An NBC News survey displayed that the majority of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s performance nine months into office following his inauguration. According to the national poll, some gave Biden low marks for general competence and unifying the United States. The poll discovered that seven-in-10 adults, involving almost half of Democrats, believe that the US is not on the right track. Nearly 60 percent judged Biden’s economic impact as unfavorable.

President Joe Biden shrugged off his declining approval ratings recently as he convened with global leaders in Italy. (Photo: WRAL)

Biden Not Affected

President Joe Biden shrugged off his 42 percent approval rating when he went to an assembly with global leaders. He contended that cyclical surveys are part of his presidential duties. Instead, he is targeting his agenda. According to the president, the polls are fluctuating. At the press conference at the end of the G-20 Summit in Italy, he stated the rating was high in the early stage, then medium, then up, and then low.

Ahead of Virginia Election

The poll result comes less than a week prior to the Virginia election for governor. The approval rating declined by 7 points since August. Much of the fall comes from the Democratic base’s significant parts. Democrats trail GOP members on which party is more competent in overseeing inflation, the economy, and immigration. They have reportedly lost ground on matters of COVID-19 and education.

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The approval rating is in contrast to 54 percent who indicate they find the US president’s performance unfavorable. In August, Biden was seven points down. He had 51 percent approval in combatting the novel coronavirus pandemic and merely 40 percent of Americans approved his approach in tackling the economy. Regarding the future of the nation, merely 41 percent of respondents in the poll remarked America’s best years are on the way whereas 53 percent indicate the opposite, reported KXAN.

Previously last October, according to Gallup, Biden had the worst approval rating among the US presidents at this point in their presidency except for former President Donald Trump. While he earned a 42 percent approval rating in the first October of his tenure, Trump had a 37 approval rating in the same phase of his presidency in Gallup’s survey. At this period, 53 percent was the approval rating for Barack Obama, and 88 percent for George Bush, reported Slate.

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