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2,000 Firefighters Take Medical Leave Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate; FDNY Head Denounces Members

Over 2,000 New York City firefighters have made a medical leave in the earlier week as uninoculated municipal workers undergo sanctions on Monday. According to the deputy commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, Frank Dwyer, the total of firefighters on sick leave was not typical. Their department has an estimated 11,000 firefighters. A number of initial US responders have been relatively against the novel coronavirus vaccination mandates of employers.

‘Irresponsible Bogus’ Medical Leave

Attention has been directed at the agency with one of the lowest inoculation rates in NYC. Commissioner Daniel Nigro condemned thousands of members of their department for taking a sick leave in what appears to be a protest against the city’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for municipal workers.

According to Nigro, such “irresponsible bogus” medical leave by a number of their members is igniting harm for New York citizens and their firefighters as reported in The New York Times. He added that the firefighters should return to work or be held accountable for their actions.

In the past week, over 2,000 NYC firefighters have filed a medical leave as unvaccinated municipal workers undergo retribution. (Photo: Zuma Press)

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Sense of Freedom

According to a number of firefighters among the initial responders, they would rather opt to lose their livelihood rather than lose their sense of freedom over having to be vaccinated. Nigro indicated in a statement on Sunday that such firefighters who partook in what appeared to be a sickout were not being true to their pledges. Such oaths entitle them to “faithfully discharge the duties” of their work. Individuals who do not meet the inoculation qualification have been threatened with unpaid leave commencing on Monday.

The commissioner has also been looking to quiet down rumors of firehouses being forced to close down through all five boroughs. As news of increasing sick calls become prevalent, so did the news of numerous firehouses having to shut down operations.

According to Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, of Staten Island, on Saturday, 26 FDNY stations, involving five in her district, have closed due to Mayor de Blasio’s decision to lockout uninoculated firefighters from work, reported NBC New York. On the same day, one senior fire official confirmed that FDNY firefighters were being distributed around New York City to fill in the duties left by the increasing medical leaves. However, no firehouse was closed.

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