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Stimulus Check: How To Get $7,200 Next Year? Here’s What You Should Know

Stimulus Check
A number of families may get up to $7,200 in Child Tax Credit 2022 from the IRS. (Photo: Techno Trenz)

For advance Child Tax Credit payments, parents who have not yet registered for such might have to wait until next year. However, it is probable that a number of families will be disseminated up to $7,200 in Child Tax Credit payments from the IRS in 2022.

The Child Tax Credit program has bolstered from the earlier $2,000 annual mark to $3,600 yearly. This enables families to claim $300 per child under six years old and $250 per child from six to 17 per month.

Stimulus Check

A number of families may get up to $7,200 in Child Tax Credit 2022 from the IRS. (Photo: The US Sun)

Child Tax Credit Update

Here is news regarding Democrats’ compromise $1.75 trillion spending plan: Its outline was issued on Thursday. The most recent child tax credit update is that the spending bill framework involves an extended version of the credit for another year. This translates that adding up to the stimulus checks per month in 2022, families would receive the second half of their 2021 child tax credit at tax time, which is upon filing their federal income tax return. Such plans remain open to being altered though.

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$600 Credits for 12 More Months

If Democrats could expand the program through 2022 as part of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better initiative, this would translate that $600 credits for 12 more months will amount to $7,200. A number of legislators would like to extend the benefit for another year. The Biden administration earlier proposed expanding the enhanced credit until 2025. Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers would like its permanence, reported The Sun.


Due to the postponement, a number of families will actually be qualified for $7,200 per child in 2022 if they did not register for the tax credit but were eligible for it in 2021. There are mere two payments remaining this year as the November opt-out deadline looms.

Next Child Tax Credit Deadline

The following child tax credit payment is on November 15. The IRS bases the qualification of your child on their age as of December 31 this year. Parents with dependents 18 years old and older are not qualified for a monthly payment but could be qualified for a single yearly payment of $500 next year. Such children must be claimed as a dependent, or dependents, aged between 19 and 24 and should be full-time college students to be eligible.

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