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Biden To Spend $555 Billion To Fight Climate Change

The Biden administration claims that a massive spending plan would result in the “biggest attempt to address climate change in American history,” with hundreds of billions of dollars earmarked for renewable energy, electric cars, and new weather-related defenses. However, some overlooked certain essential elements of Joe Biden’s initial strategy.

Following talks with Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, two centrist Democratic senators who opposed large portions of the original Build Back Better bill, the White House expressed confidence that a scaled-down version of the bill would pass both houses and “put the United States on track to meet its climate goals.”

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 28: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks about his proposed ‘Build Back Better’ social spending bill in the East Room of the White House on October 28, 2021 in Washington, DC. Earlier in the day, Biden met with House Democrats on Capitol Hill to share details of the $1.75 trillion package which does not include several progressive priorities that were dropped from the legislation during recent negotiations. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Biden to Spend $555 Billion to Fight Climate Change

This proposed framework comprises $555 billion in incentives, investments, and tax credits targeted at boosting the deployment of renewable energy like solar and wind, as well as a tax cut of up to $12,500 for anyone who purchases an electric vehicle. The measure would fund the deployment of new electric buses and trucks, as well as community resilience to devastating wildfires and floods, and the creation of a new “citizen climate corps” that will employ 300,000 people.

Overall, the measure, according to the White House, would reduce global warming emissions by 1 billion tons by 2030, bringing the US far closer to its target of cutting carbon pollution in half this decade.

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According to The New York Times, Biden said the law would be “the most significant” investment to confront the climate issue ever” and “will genuinely reshape our country” during a news conference on Thursday.

Biden Administration Won’t Focus On Solar Panels, Wind Turbines

The President said they would no longer be on the fence about producing solar panels and wind turbines, Herald Scotland said. According to Biden, the plan would help increase the number of electric automobiles on US highways in three years while also providing 500,000 additional charging stations.

The weather isn’t going to get much better, according to Biden. Climate change, he warned, is a “blinking code red” for America and the rest of the globe.

Bloomberg published in its article that the proposed climate strategy would be supplemented by tens of billions in additional funding for clean energy and sustainable mass transportation under a package now before Congress. This law would provide up to $2.5 billion into low-emission buses, $6 billion toward nuclear power facilities, and $7.5 billion toward electric car charging stations.

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