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Adobe U.S. Employees Required to Get Vaccinated or Be Placed on Unpaid Leave; Other Tech Firms Implement Vaccine Mandate

Adobe announced on Friday that all U.S. employees must be fully vaccinated entirely against COVID-19 on or before December 8. The multinational computer software company said they would place anyone who would not follow the memorandum on unpaid leave.

The software business disclosed the decision in a memo obtained by CNBC. Adobe cited President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring all government contractors to get their personnel vaccinated. Various government organizations have signed software bundle contracts with Adobe.

Adobe employees are given until Dec. 8 to get COVID-19 vaccinations. In this photo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced, during appearance on Morning Joe, a new mandate for all public city employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine and have until November 1 to have their first dose. (Photo: ABC News)

Adobe’s Chief People Officer Gloria Chen cited an internal poll saying that 93.5 percent of U.S. workers who answered were either obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination or completely vaccinated. The tech firm would consider those employees that could not get vaccines due to religious or medical reasons.

Other Tech Companies Mandating Employees To Get Fully Vaccinated 

Adobe’s declaration comes only two weeks after IBM mandated vaccinations for its workers in the United States. In a published article in CNBC, the memo mentioned that IBM asked its employees to get vaccinated on or before December 8. 

The tech giant will suspend the employment of anyone who will not follow the memorandum. But those employees who IBM removed after the deadline are still eligible for the IBM 401K matching program. The firm matches up to six percent of its contributions once a year.

Apple (per MacRumors) is one of the I.T. corporations that monitors its workers’ vaccination status. With the new “No Vaccine, No Entry” policy, TechCrunch said Facebook requires all returning workers to get vaccinated.

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In addition to requiring vaccination of federal employees and contractors, the government is developing COVID-19 vaccination requirements for firms with 100 or more employees. These businesses must require workers to be fully vaccinated or provide COVID-19 tests to unvaccinated employees at least once a week.

Vaccine Mandates Might Cost Millions

According to Fortune, the U.S. is moving quickly to enact broad rules that would compel businesses to verify their employees’ COVID-19 vaccination status or guarantee that they are tested regularly, but it might cost them millions of dollars.

President Biden requested in September that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopt a temporary emergency standard requiring private enterprises with at least 100 workers to implement vaccination requirements.

Unlike government workers and contractors, private organizations might provide weekly testing choices, according to President Biden’s instruction. The requirement is estimated to impact 80 million people in the United States.

OSHA has the authority to punish corporations up to $13,600 per infraction per employee. Still, it may not have the resources to enforce the new rule.

According to a published article in Reuters, the agency has around 800 inspectors to cover the 100,000 employers that the new regulations would impact. Testing, paid time off, verification monitoring, and the time required by H.R. staff and company executives to plan and administer the rules are all factors at play.

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