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41-Year-Old Husband Shoots, Mutilates 22-Year-Old Wife On Their First Wedding Anniversary; Husband Confesses But Pleads Not Guilty

Last Friday night, the newlywed couple drove their small bus to Bolton to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. It was a night that was supposed to be celebrated but ended up in a tragedy. The husband shoots his young wife and dismembered her body, putting it in trash bags and leaving it inside the camper.

Joseph Ferlazzo, 44-year-old confesses to killing his young wife, Emily Ferlazzo aged 22. (Photo: BDN)

Reported Missing

Joseph Ferlazzo, 44-year-old, confesses to killing his young wife, Emily Ferlazzo, aged 22. Emily was first reported missing on Monday around 7:15 p.m. when Joseph returned home alone on Emily’s parents’ property in Northfield, New Hampshire.

He told Emily’s parents that he last saw her on Saturday when she was exiting the vehicle after their fight and began to walk down the U.S. Route 2, saying that she had planned to Uber home to New Hampshire, which did not happen.

Her family described Emily as a happy young woman who liked to sing. She was a registered nurse in New Hampshire before her professional license expired. Last October, she and Joseph were married and had planned to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Bolton Valley Resort, where Joseph’s sister and boyfriend were staying.

The family of Emily had said that they did not like Joseph the first time they met him. Something did not click, and there was something in his eyes that looked evil.

According to the police, Emily’s mother reported that the relationship of Emily and Joseph had a history of domestic violence and that she had seen Emily with scratches and bruises about three or four times.

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Despite confessing, Joseph pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder on Wednesday. (Photo: Seven Days)

Pleaded Not Guilty

According to Daily Mail, Joseph had told the police that he got into a fight with Emily when she attacked him physically before laying down to bed. After five to ten minutes of their argument, Joseph grabbed a handgun, jumped on top of her, and shot her head twice. Feeling the anxiety creeping in, Joseph moved the body in the camper’s bathroom.

Joseph then left Emily’s body in the camper and had breakfast with his sister and her boyfriend before driving the bus to his friend’s house 60 miles away in St. Albans.

According to the police, between 12-15 hours after Joseph had killed Emily, he used a handsaw to cut Emily’s body parts inside the camper and put them in the trash bags. He left the human remains in the camper and returned to the place where the couple lived.

The police considered the case suspicious from the start. Just a day after Emily was reported missing, the Vermont police could not locate Joseph for questioning but found the couple’s camper in St. Albans on the property of Joseph’s friend who called 911 when Joseph allegedly admitted that he killed Emily.

Joseph was found looking deranged at a convenience store and was asked by the officer to come with him to the state police barracks in St. Albans, where he confessed that he killed his wife.

After the confession, police were ordered to search the vehicle. They discovered eight plastic bags with human remains and a weapon believed to be used to shoot Emily and the handsaw that was believed to be the thing that was used to mutilate her.

Despite confessing, Joseph pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder on Wednesday. Joseph is currently being held without bail, and if convicted of the charge, he may face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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