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Federal Employees Face Dilemma As The Vaccine Mandate Deadline Draws Near

Biden’s administration has not yet established a firm deadline for when enterprises with 100 or more employees must comply with the vaccine mandate. However, on November 22, all federal workers must completely receive their two shots of the vaccine. Even so, protests are brewing across the country as ordinary Americans join a growing movement opposing mandated vaccinations, CBN News¬†reported.

As part of a comprehensive initiative to contain the increasing surge of COVID-19, President Joe Biden has mandated strict new vaccine rules on federal employees, large employers, and healthcare workers nationwide in September.

Federal Employees Must Be Fully Vaccinated By November 22nd (Photo: Global Government Forum)

Liberty Counsel Filed A Lawsuit

The Liberty Counsel filed a class-action lawsuit against the Biden administration, along with a demand for a preliminary restraining order and injunction. More than 25,000 civilians and military personnel have been unlawfully ordered to get the COVID shots or suffered unjust discharge from the military or expulsion from employment, according to the legal firm.

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Liberty Counsel’s representative Mat Staver said the mandates violate the law governing emergency use authorization, a violation of the First Amendment, and of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

President Joe Biden imposed strict new vaccine rules on federal employees, large employers, and healthcare workers on Thursday in a vast effort to contain the latest COVID-19 outbreak. Biden’s plan includes instructing the Labor Department to require all business sectors with 100 or more employees to have their personnel vaccinated or tested once a week, a broad move taken after discussion with administration health experts and lawyers. If companies fail to comply, they would be sanctioned monetary penalties of thousands of dollars per employee.

Other Affected Workers

The plan took effect soon after, resulting in other states’ disapprobation and major backlash from the public, which erupted series of protests. Compulsory vaccinations are required for teachers in California, and students will soon follow after their age-appropriate vaccine has been approved. Furthermore, city workers in Chicago who have not been vaccinated must submit to testing twice a week or face disciplinary action.

Doug Feist, a retired Navy Senior Chief, is a contractor with Vertex Aerospace in Mississippi, claims that his religious belief is unlikely to be accepted by the corporation. Feist claims that if he does not be vaccinated by December 8, he will lose his job and possibly his home.

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