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Former Elementary School Principal Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Children; Elementary Schools On Alert

A school is an educational institution that provides learning services for children, young adults, adults, and older people, and basically for anyone who wants to learn. An elementary school is a space where parents feel comfortable leaving their children and letting them experience how to socialize and communicate effectively from an early age.

A child’s second home, that’s what we grew up listening to. The teachers and staff should take care of students as parents would, and this was supposed to be a safe place. But not in Northwood Elementary School; it was hell for some of them.

Kirk Ashton. The Former Northwood Elementary School Principal was arrested on April for sexually abusing children. (Photo: Daily Wire)

Former Elementary School Principal Arrested

The Former Northwood Elementary School Principal was arrested in April for sexually abusing children. According to the WHAM 13 News, the principal named Kirk Ashton had served as a principal for the school for 17 years.

According to Investigators, the nine victims known by the investigators were all students aged 9 to 12, and the abuse happened during school hours between September 1 of 2019 and March 26 of 2021. Protection has been issued for eight victims because one of the parents declined due to privacy concerns.

On July 21, 2021, two new lawsuits were filed against Ashton, where the attorney who filed on behalf of the victim’s parent stated that Ashton abused the victim every week for several years between first and sixth grades.

Ashton was indicted with 25 charges by the Monroe County grand jury: 7 counts of second-degree sexual conduct against a child, 7 counts of first-degree sexual abuse, and 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

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A long-time principal in the Hilton Central School District in New York is in jail after being charged with sexually abusing nine young boys who were students. (Photo: WRGT)

Released On Bail

According to News 8 WROC, after pleading not guilty to all accounts, the attorney of Ashton then moved to decrease the $350,000 set bail by arguing that Ashton is not a flight risk and requested to lower the bail to $175,000.

Parents from upstate New York received an email from the District Superintendent of Hilton Central School District, Casey Kosiorek, that the former principal had been released from jail as Ashton had posted a $100,000 bail, a bail that was lowered numerous times.

“I have been informed that former Northwood Principal, Kirk Ashton, was released from jail today, the district will have additional security present outside Northwood tomorrow. In addition, I will be there, along with other administrators from District Office. We will also have several additional counseling staff available for students and staff throughout the day.”

WHAM 13 News had reported that Ashton will be closely monitored and will have to surrender his passport. He is also banned from going near any school or Hilton Central.

Sandra Doorley, the office of Monroe County District Attorney, released a statement on Tuesday saying that

“In anticipation of his (Ashton’s) release, the Greece Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office are aware of the situation and will be monitoring closely, the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office is prepared to bring this case to trial as soon as possible.”

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