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Survey Shows 73% of Workers Consider Quitting Their Jobs; Here’s Why

The financial struggles and unemployment during the COVID-19 outbreak would leave many to think having a job is a privilege to be kept. Although a lot of Americans still remained in their careers, it would seem the employed individuals would willingly do anything to keep it. However, it appears that most Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs and are making plans to leave them, Nasdaq Markets reported.

According to the latest survey conducted by Joblist, 73 percent of workers are actively considering quitting their jobs. They are those displeased with their work environment, overburdened, and stuck on an unprogressive job that does not interest them nor fits their skills. If you are currently feeling unhappy about your job, you are maybe thinking of quitting, too.

Most Americans Are Dissatisfied With Their Jobs And Are Making Plans To Leave Them (Photo: Crushpixel)

At present, leaving a job can result in major financial repercussions. For instance, if you quit your job before starting a new one, you may have to live off your savings. Secondly, you will almost certainly be ineligible for unemployment benefits. Furthermore, if you have health insurance in your workplace, you may lose it and be forced to comply with it on your own unless you are immediately recruited somewhere and are eligible for insurance there.

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Nevertheless, there is a limit to how long you can put up with unhealthy employment. If any of these circumstances apply to you, it may be time to submit your letter of resignation:

Toxic Environment

Primarily, this entails a lack of respect in the workplace from your co-workers as well as your boss, most especially if you are a newcomer who has to do a lot of the grunt labor. If, on the other hand, your manager and coworkers frequently show a lack of respect for you, and your human resources department neglects to address that matter, it’s probably the time to consider leaving. Sticking in an unfriendly atmosphere is not something you want to do.

Employees are Overworked

It’s not unusual to have periods where you have to work extra hours to meet deadlines. However, if you discover that you’re routinely keeping a tight schedule, leaving time to take care of your non-work duties and personal life — it’s time to step down. This is especially relevant if you’ve expressed your worry to your boss and nothing has been done to reduce your burden.

Stuck in an Unstimulating Role

If you dislike your job and there is little room for development inside your company, it may be time to look for new options.

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