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Alaska Records Almost 1,000 COVID-19 Cases; Doctors Forced to Ration ‘Life-Saving’ Treatment

COVID-19 Alaska
An RN at Bartlett Regional Hospital, Katie Church, displays wearing PPE to oversee a patient infected with COVID-19 on April 7, 2020 in Juneau, Alaska. (Photo: KTOO)

Alaska doctors are being pushed to ration possibly life-saving treatment for COVID-19 patients. This is in the midst of an enormous surge currently striking the US state. Over 200 individuals are currently hospitalized with the virus in Alaska. Fatalities and cases are consistently growing larger in the past few days.

Alaska COVID-19

Alaska reported on Thursday 986 new COVID-19 cases, another slight surge in virus hospitalizations, and two deaths. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Numbers in Alaska

On Thursday, the state recorded two fatalities, 86 new novel coronavirus cases, and a small rise in those being admitted to the hospital across Alaska. The two coronavirus fatalities recently reported were two men from Fairbanks, one in his 70s and one in his 50s. According to Alaska’s health officials this week, from a more extensive outlook, the state’s cases seem to be plateauing. They state weekly trends are more plausible indicators than daily counts as daily counts could fluctuate in adherence to when COVID-19 cases are reported by laboratories.

Shortage of Equipment

The Providence Alaska Medical Center staff in Anchorage, Alaska remarked they are facing a lack of medical equipment for the treatment of the patients. Thus, this is forcing them to make difficult decisions as to which patients will receive vital treatment and would not. They are well aware that the patients who are not administered treatment would possibly result in death.

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The state on Wednesday recorded more than 1,200 new COVID-19 cases following a report of under 500 the previous day. In the course of the previous week, there was a 9% bolstering in total cases in contrast to the previous week. Such a rising number follows the week before’s 32% decrease in those infected. According to Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s chief medical officer, “We were hoping to see a bit more of a downward trend, but unfortunately, it’s more of a flat trend,” reported Anchorage Daily News.

Stunning Amount of People Dying

According to Dr. Jeremy Gitomer, a nephrologist for Providence Alaska Medical Center for 25 years, it is devastating that he is encountering such a phenomenon because he has never witnessed that number of people dying in his medical career. He narrated a story in which a woman, 70, who was on a dialysis machine for six days had to halt getting treated so the machine could be utilized on a man, 48, with a greater chance of survival, reported Daily Mail.

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