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Symptoms You Should Look Out For That Could Pose Severe Health Problem

Sick Woman
Let a medical professional determine if your symptoms allude to severe medical condition. (Photo: iStockPhoto)

Are you the type to make a big deal when you notice anything unusual transpiring to your body? You may have observed a few extra hairs in your comb and a little aching area in your arm.

Seemingly Innocuous Symptoms

According to Rob Danoff, DO, a director of family medicine at Philadelphia’s Aria Health System and an osteopathic physician, it is good to be vigilant, but simultaneously, Danoff stated a number of symptoms appearing to be innocuous symptoms should not be shrugged off. They may be in dire need of close examination, particularly if the symptoms could be observed for over one week or two.

Lack of concentration

Let a medical professional determine if your symptoms allude to severe medical condition. (Photo: Prime Health Daily)

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Here are examples of signs that could sound the alarm:

1. Bloodshot Eyes

According to a family medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic, Cory Fisher, MD,  they are usually associated with a superficial eye infection. These could be accompanied by cold symptoms.

2. Lack of Focus

If you observe that it has been a Herculean task to concentrate, have your thyroid checked. The incapacity to focus without any root cause would be alluding to thyroid cancer, reported Prime Health Daily.

3. Unexpected Digestion

According to the former President of the American College of Cardiology, Fred Bove, “Indigestion is… usually related to a digestive problem,” reported US News. He added, “[but] occasionally, it is a cardiac symptom that is a precursor of a heart attack.”

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