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Road Rage Shooting Witness In Oakland Believes That Police Officers Are Searching For Wrong Car

On October 6, 2021, Wednesday at exactly 11:28, Oakland officers immediately responded to a ShotSpotter alert in the 5000 block of Bancroft Avenue where they found a vehicle that was riddled with bullets that fatally wounded a 15-year old girl passenger.

Officers found traces of shooting at the scene but were unable to see the victims or the victim, and even the gunman had already fled the scene. Later that time, authorities discovered that a 15-year old girl had been driven to a local hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, the girl died because of fatal injuries.

Oakland shooting victim Shamara Young

Oakland shooting victim Shamara Young. (Photo: CBS San Francisco)

The Shooting Incident

The 15-year Old girl was then identified as Shamara Young; she was riding in the vehicle with her uncle when the incident happened. According to the Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, young’s uncle and the other vehicle driver started arguing when a person from the other car suddenly opened fire, hitting the 15-year old multiple times.

The Oakland Police released the road rage shooting surveillance video that shows the suspect of the shooting in hopes of locating the gunman and the driver. According to the video that was released, the car appears to be a silver early 2000 Honda Accord 2-Door.

But on October 15, 2021, the uncle of Shamara Young and the witness of the shooting, Joshua Hatcher, who was the driver of the vehicle that was targeted for the incident, told KPIX in an interview that the car that was shown in the surveillance video is not the same with what he had in mind.

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Oakland road rage shooting suspect vehicle

Oakland road rage shooting suspect vehicle. (Photo: CBS San Francisco)

‘I don’t think that’s the actual car’

He described the car in the incident as a 4-door sedan with a broken tail light on the passenger seat—a different description of what was being shown on the surveillance video.

He then proceeded to tell KPIX that he had been thinking of the ‘what ifs’ that he could have done at that moment that would not result in such tragedy. He also said that it was a non-verbal argument. The vehicle was speeding up and slowing down repeatedly, and when Hatcher tried to get back in front of the other car, that’s when the shooting began.

Hatcher believes that what he remembers is correct and that what he remembers is not the effect of trauma. He also said that he’s willing to forgive the shooter because anger does not make anything better. However, he still wants the shooter to surrender and take responsibility.

The family of Shamara Young will be holding a call-to-action on Friday near the location where the shooting happened, and a reward of $10,000 has been offered for any information about the homicide.

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