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Don’t Miss To Claim Your Stimulus Check Until Friday, Here’s What You Should Do

Still haven’t filed your tax returns? Don’t dilly-dally and file them now because Friday is set to be the deadline for filing tax returns. People living in California who think they qualify for the California Stimulus Check should quickly file before the clock strikes at midnight.

In an estimated number, 9 million Californians have been shown to be qualified for the California Stimulus Check. In that number, people who have not yet filed for returns are included.

According to SFGATE, The California Tax Board has told them that the processing of the tax returns will continue until the end of Friday. The eligibility for the payments is based on tax returns.

A file photo of a federal stimulus check.

A file photo of a federal stimulus check. (Photo: Douglas Sacha/Getty Images)


As of October 5, half of the eligible Californians have already received their Golden State Stimulus Check II payments in both direct deposits and paper check forms. According to The Tax Board, by October 31, the next round of the stimulus payments will go out.

It is also stated that the state has various processing constraints such as the printing and mailing, as per The Tax Board.

The release of payments could not be released all at once because of a series of constraints like the state’s ability to validate the eligibility and people to protect against fraud and as well as the issue in the GSS II payments and other mandatory disbursements.

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Stimulus Money

Friday is the set date for the filing of tax return. (Photo: Getty)

To Qualify

The funds drawn for the payment are from the federal recovery funds and California’s budget surplus. According to Newsom, about two-thirds of the residents will be eligible for the $600 payments, and those with children will have an additional $500.

According to NASDAQ, individuals who qualify or are eligible for the GSS II must have lived in California for more than half of the 2020 Tax Year and must have a CA AGI or California Adjusted Gross Income of $1 to $75,000.

THE GSS program was made in order to help the struggling Californians in the midst of a pandemic. Not only Californians, but it expanded to aid immigrants who were left out of the previous rounds of federal stimulus checks.

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