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75-Year-Old Michigan Man Indicted for Murder of Missing Baby in 39-Year-Cold Case

A Michigan man has been arraigned in a 1982 Ann Arbor Cold case. The state remarked Isiah Williams has been indicted with one count of open murder in the 15th District Court in Washtenaw County for almost forty years following his taking of his 9-month-old infant daughter from her mother amid a physical quarrel.

Olisa Williams

A man from Michigan, 75, whose baby went missing in 1982 has been arraigned for the child’s murder after 39 years. (Photo: Daily Beast)

Last Time the Mother Saw Their Daughter Alive

According to police officials, the altercation transpired on April 29, 1982. It was the last time Denise Frazier-Daniel, the mother, witnessed her daughter, Olisa Williams, alive.


According to the announcement of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel this week, Williams is in the process of being repatriated from Chicago on his arraignment. Addressing the press on Thursday along with Ann Arbor Police Chief Michael Cox, Nessel stated it is believed that Williams murdered the infant in order to control Daniel as a form of domestic abuse.

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Nessel declared the charges alongside another case of the fatality of McKenzie Cochran involving Northland mall security guards. She stated justice is underestimated for the wrongfully pronounced guilty but also when those guilty of crimes are freed. She also recounted the latest attention on the demise and vanishing of Gabby Petito, a popular Instagram road tripper, reported Detroit Free Press.

At the time, Williams and Daniel had been residing in Ohio. However, the pair had Michigan family and friends. Williams reportedly has committed a long history of domestic abuse against Daniel.

According to Nessel, “Every time my office takes on a potential case, we commit to a thorough review to properly evaluate if charges are warranted Law enforcement though dedicated to protecting the public and securing justice for victims – sometimes falls short. In those instances, my office is ready to give cases another look to ensure the right decision is made,” reported WLNS.

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