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46-Year-Old Man Faces Death Penalty For Killing Estranged Pregnant Wife, 3 Other People In Alabama

A man in north Alabama was convicted of killing his estranged pregnant wife and three other people six years ago. On Thursday, he was sentenced to death after being convicted of multiple counts of capital murder. He also could have been sentenced to life in imprisonment without the possibility of release, the Associated Press reported.

Henderson Murdered His Family Members

Christopher Henderson, 46, was sentenced to death by Madison County Circuit Judge Chris Comer after a jury recommended death by an 11-1 vote. Henderson was prosecuted before lawmakers abolished the option for judges to overturn jurors’ sentencing recommendations in capital cases. Hence, the court had the opportunity to sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Henderson was found guilty in the shooting and stabbing killings of his wife Kristin Smallwood, her unborn daughter, her 8-year-old son Clayton Chambers, her 1-year-old nephew Eli Sokolowski, and her mother, Carol Jean Smallwood, a jury in July. Christopher Henderson addressed the victims’ families as well as his own in court. Christopher Henderson addressed the victims’ families as well as his own in court.

Christopher Henderson, 46, Was Sentenced To Death By Madison County Circuit Judge (Photo: Madison County Sheriff’s Department /AP)

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Henderson Married Another Woman

Their bodies were discovered in a fire-destroyed house in August 2015, less than a week after Kristen Smallwood secured a court order barring Henderson from entering the house. Without divorcing Smallwood, Henderson married another woman, Rhonda Carlson, who admitted to assisting in the planning of the murders but denied taking part in the execution. In a compromise with prosecutors, she avoided the death penalty and offered testimony that contributed to Henderson’s conviction.

Kelly Smallwood Sokolowski, Kristin Smallwood’s sister, expressed her grief about the passing of her sister and son, Eli, in court. Her father passed away in September of last year, and she had a dream; his son Eli and his father held hands in that dream. She knows there will come a time she will see them once more, she said.

Kristin Henderson’s brother, Keith Smallwood, claimed his family members who died were good people. He said they were people who were pleased to be alive and loved one other, so their death has been painful. On the other hand, Their resolve is solidified by our knowledge of their places and smiles.

Henderson also asked for deepest apologies for what he has done in the family. He said the incident should’ve never happened. Henderson also asked for forgiveness from his mom and daughter.

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