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Scammers Use the Name Of 3-Year-Old Boy Who Went Missing To Raise a Fund

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The child who went missing on October 6, 2021, Wednesday after following a neighbor’s dog and was recently found after three days of missing now faces another unfortunate situation. Scammers have been using his name to raise a fund under his name, and Texas’s Sheriff’s office won’t let that slip by; they had warned residents about the possible scam.

Christopher Ramirez was found on Saturday afternoon in woods near his home. He is pictured in the back search and rescue vehicle in the arms of his mother as they reunited

Christopher Ramirez was found on Saturday afternoon in woods near his home. He is pictured in the back search and rescue vehicle in the arms of his mother as they reunited. (Photo: Texas EquuSearch/ ABC13)

A Warning For The Residents

On Tuesday, Don Sowell, the Grimes County Sherriff, warned residents by writing and posting on Facebook about the situation. There have been attempts to use the toddler’s name and his family and take advantage of the situation by scamming people to donate in a fund me account or other similar fundraising donation methods.

It was confirmed that the toddler’s family named Christopher Ramirez that they did not make any fundraising accounts or any other methods of asking for a donation from people. Sowell asks for the resident to be alert and fall for any scam as this is a problem and asks for people’s cooperation and informs the Grimes County Sherriff’s Office of any suspicious people that are connected to the fraud.

The FBI in Houston has also issued a warning regarding this case of a possible scam using the toddler’s name.
On a tweet the FBI Houston posted:

According to the Grimes County Sheriff, the family of 3 yo Christopher Ramirez does NOT have a crowdfunding account & is NOT asking for donations. Anyone trying to collect money using the family and/or the toddler’s name is trying to scam you- don’t fall for it! #BCSTX #HouNews

— FBI Houston (@FBIHouston) October 12, 2021

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Christopher Ramirez

Christopher Ramirez. (Photo: Grimes County Sheriff’s Office)

Alive and Well

Christopher Ramirez was found at around 11 a.m. local time in a wooded area five miles from his home after a man who asked not to be identified notified the search party after hearing noises near his home and was surprised to find the boy in a calm manner.

It was still unclear as to how the boy survived, and after that, he was reunited with his mom, and there were no signs of foul play. According to Sowell, the child was drinking lots of water and was even laughing at her mother’s arms.

The child was then left at the care of doctors in Texas Children Hospital with his mother by his side; the Sheriff also noted that the child was doing well now despite being tired and dehydrated, and hungry. Ramirez left the hospital after two days and thanked everyone who helped in finding him.

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