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Grimes County Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Scammers Using Identity Of The Boy Who Went Missing

Scammers Use GoFundMe Account or Similar Fundraising Act of Donations (Photo: Nice PNG)

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office has warned the public of a possible scam following the discovery of the missing 3-year-old boy. Scammers are using the name of Christopher Ramirez that went missing but was recently found alive for fundraising schemes, Newsweek U.S. reported.

Scammers Attempted To Raise GoFundMe Donations

According to Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell in a social media post on Monday, the scammers are attempting to induce people to donate to a GoFundMe account or similar fundraising schemes. On his Facebook post, Sowell wrote he is in deep regret write the notice, but he asked everyone to take note of his message. There have been a few attempts by ‘people’ to put out attempts to use the family of Christopher Ramirez and his name to try to scam people to donate to a GoFundMe account or similar fundraising act of donations, he said.

Christopher Ramirez, the 3-Year-Old Kid Who Went Missing Last October 6 (Photo: New York Post)

Sowell stated that Ramirez’s family is not asking to solicit funds from the public. He is noticing the public not to fall victim to any scam attempts and participate in donation requests. Anyone who comes across a donation request or a fraud attempt is encouraged to contact the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office.

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Ramirez Followed His Neighbor’s Dog

Ramirez went missing from his house in Plantersville, Texas, according to the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office on October 6. “Law enforcement believes Ramirez is in grave danger of death or significant bodily harm,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

 Ramirez went missing after following his neighbor’s dog into surrounding woods while his mother was unloading groceries from thier vehicle, according to authorities. The FBI and the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office issued the warnings just a few days after Ramirez went missing and was discovered alive three days later.

On October 9, Ramirez was found safe and alive. With his mother  alongside him, he was taken under the care of the doctors and nurses at Texas Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands, Sheriff Sowell wrote in the Facebook post. Even though he is a bit tired and dehydrated as well as hungry but safe and in good spirits. He will be observed and monitored for a period of time by the healthcare professionals at Texas Children’s Hospital, Sowell concluded.

Following that, Sowell informed the public that Ramirez had been released from the hospital and expressed gratitude to residents for their assistance in the search for him. There was no additional comment from the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office other than their latest social media post. 

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