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3-Year-Old Found Alive After Missing For 4 Days In Woods

Christopher Ramirez, three, was discovered alive in the woods four days after going missing in Texas while playing with a neighbor’s dog.

A three-year-old Texas boy who had been missing for four days was discovered alive and reunited with his mother in an emotional reunion. The boy had been feared kidnapped after going missing for four days.

The Missing Kid

According to authorities, he was last seen following a dog in the woods near his house on Wednesday. The search for Christopher Ramirez near Plantersville went on all day Friday as investigators looked into every possibility surrounding his disappearance, according to search crews.

Officials were even led to a section of the Mexican border in Brewster County, where another child with the same name and age crossed with two adults. Following interrogation, it was determined that the little boy was not the Christopher they were looking for.

Sheriff Don Sowell of Grimes County also stated that all members of Christopher’s immediate and extended family had been ruled out as potential persons of interest.

“We’re doing everything we can with all our partners to check out every remote lead we have, which is very few,” Sowell said.

Each day, hundreds of officials from local to state levels congregate at the command post to monitor the search. They concluded a fifth round of coordinated searches in the wooded area on Thursday night, including the use of canines to search the perimeter of the place where Ramirez was last seen.

On Thursday, his mom pleaded with the public to help find him and bring him home. She said she believes someone has her son. But it’s something Sowell said they have no facts of.

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Christopher Ramirez was found on Saturday afternoon in woods near his home. He is pictured in the back search and rescue vehicle in the arms of his mother as they reunited

Christopher Ramirez was found on Saturday afternoon in woods near his home. He is pictured in the back search and rescue vehicle in the arms of his mother as they reunited. (Photo: Texas EquuSearch/ ABC13)

Found In Woods

The Child, Ramirez, was discovered in a wooded area about five miles from his home after a tip from a member of the public, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

It’s unclear how the child survived after he got lost while playing with a neighbor’s dog in his family’s yard in southeastern Texas. He is said to have followed the dog into the woods. The dog later reappeared, but the boy had vanished.

“He’s drinking lots of water, but he’s good,” Sowell said. “He’s alive, laughing, cutting up, crying. His mom is crying. He’s in good shape.”

According to Sowell, he was discovered not far from where authorities had been looking for him.

Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, told KHOU that this was the second time they had a child like this in his 21 years with EquuSearch. ‘I gave up today, this morning, honestly,’ was he said.

‘But thank God — it’s amazing, I got goosebumps. It’s so amazing. To see him and to hear that loud cry, it was just unbelievable.’

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