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Three 11-Year-Olds Arrested After Allegedly Plotting To Set Their School On Fire In Florida

One of the Perpetrators Allegedly Withdraws a Grill Lighter from Her Backpack (Photo is for Illustration Purposes Only) (Photo: Pinterest)

Three 11-year-old Six Mile Charter Academy students have been arrested for attempting to burn down their middle school to revenge on rude people to die in the fire, one of the children told police, Daily Mail UK reported. According to investigators, the kids consciously determined who would live and who would die during their deliberate scheme.

Omnia Mahgoub, Tristan Carrasquillo, and Isabella Brainard were seized on Monday and face charges of conspiring to perpetrate a first-degree felony. The plan was for the entire second floor to burn and the rude people to die in the fire, Omnia Mahgoub, 11, admitted in a written statement Monday.

Omnia Mahgoub, Tristan Carrasquillo, and Isabella Brainard Seized on Monday at Six Mile Charter Academy (Photo: Daily Mail)

Their Plan Was Overheard

Mahgoub and her two accomplices, Tristan Carrasquillo and Isabella Brainard, both 11, were detained and pulled out of the Fort Myers school and into police custody after their plot fell apart when a group of kids overheard their plan and tipped off the prospective fire-starters. The three had been detained by police for three days.

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One student reported to school officials that he overheard the three discussing their supposed plan and witnessed Mahgoub withdraw a grill lighter from her backpack. The school then contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, who dispatched a deputy to the location. During the subsequent inquiry, it was discovered that the three suspects had planned to set fire to a second-floor girls’ bathroom while school was in session.

According to one witness, Mahgoub threatened to set her on fire if she alerted school officials about the idea. Another student informed police that he overheard Mahgoub saying she was going to hurry downstairs and cry while reporting the fire. Deputies were also told by the witness that Carrasquillo said he was going to find extra paper to help fuel the fire.

Grill Lighter Was Found in Mahgoub’s Backpack

One student further told police that Mahgoub, Brainard, and Carrasquillo all had ‘2:30’ inscribed on the top of their hands – the time the students allegedly planned to carry out their scheme. Police reportedly discovered the grill lighter in Mahgoub’s backpack. According to a police report, Mahgoub told officers that the intention was for her to hurry downstairs to report the fire after it was started so that selected children could be evacuated.

The suspects, who are not even adolescents, are all charged with conspiracy to commit a first-degree felony and are being prosecuted as juveniles despite the gravity of the charge. All three are being confined at a Lee County detention facility.

Six Mile Charter Academy issued a statement about the event, calling the children who reported the plot and cooperated with authorities as brave.

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