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CDC Warns Ahead Against Social Gatherings During Upcoming Holidays; Updated Advisory To Be Posted Soon

CDC Guidance for Holidays
A child walks by a New York City Christmas display. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted last weekend a page on its website with an advisory on safely celebrating the winter and autumn holidays.

The national health agency of the United States favored virtual celebrations and outdoor gatherings to diminish the prevalence of COVID-19. However, on Monday, the agency took down the information from its website. It stated updated measures will be posted “soon.”


The CDC’s website displayed it updating the holiday advisory on Friday, but it was later removed. (Photo: WCBV)

On Friday, the website of the CDC displayed it updated its holiday advisory. The web pages expounding the guidelines were deleted as of Monday. According to a statement from the CDC Media Branch, “The page had a technical update on Friday, but doesn’t reflect the CDC’s guidance ahead of this upcoming holiday season. The CDC will share additional guidance soon,” reported WCVB.

What the Already-Deleted Post Indicate?

The content on the CDC website prior to being removed was that celebrating with your immediate household family in the household online or outdoors with the social distancing of 6 feet apart was recommended. Here are their suggestions to help keep families safe amid the holiday season:

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  • Receive vaccination.
  • Wear a face mask indoors (outdoor use is unnecessary usually) if not fully inoculated.
  • Wear a face mask in a crowded area indoors and outdoors.
  • Outdoor celebrations are safer than indoor ones.
  • Plan proactively with family members that will be present for awareness on what to expect.
  • It is best to not attend if you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Open windows and doors. If meeting indoors, utilize fans for fresh air to circulate.

Fauci Walking Back on Comments

Top US infectious disease expert and White House official Dr. Anthony Fauci took back his advisory. Now, he is remarking it would be too early to foretell whether it is safe to meet in groups for the holidays. He will be commemorating Christmas with his family. On Monday, he acknowledged individuals, specifically vaccinated ones who now have protection, to celebrate a normal and good Christmas with their families, reported NJ Biz.

According to Fauci on Monday, his remarks were not interpreted correctly. He said, “The best way to assure that we’ll be in good shape as we get into the winter would be to get more and more people vaccinated. That was misinterpreted as my saying we can’t spend Christmas with our families, which was absolutely not the case,” reported The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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