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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: No More ‘Uncontrolled Immigration’

Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson at Manchester's Conservative party conference venue on Sunday. (Photo: PA)

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated on Sunday that he would not again resort to “uncontrolled immigration” as a response to gas, fuel, and Christmas food problems. This reportedly alludes to tension, which is part of a phase of post-Brexit adjustment. At the beginning of his Conservative Party’s conference, the PM needed again to defend his government against remonstrances from retailers cautioning of Christmas shortages, people unable to get petrol for their cars, and gas companies grappling with a surge in wholesale prices.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson waves as he walks outside the hotel during the yearly Conservative Party conference, in Manchester, UK, October 3, 2021. (Photo: Reuters)

Working to Fulfill 2019 Election Pledges

Britain’s PM had been planning to use the conference to move on from over one year and six months of COVID-19. He was looking to reorientate on his election vows in 2019, which were to respond to crime, regional inequality, and social care.

Period of Adjustment

Johnson on Sunday alluded he would not be bothered by business pressure for further temporary visas for foreign workers in order to relieve prevalent UK supply chain disturbance. He cautioned the UK would undertake a phase of adjustment after the advents of Brexit and the end of the European Union (EU) free movement of people arrangements.

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According to Johnson, instead of the government, the industry was most appropriately suited to tackle supply chain issues. He remarked ministers would not touch the bar named “uncontrolled immigration” in order to direct efforts on the shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers. Such has resulted in panic purchasing of petrol and empty spaces on supermarket shelves.

Johnson made a statement in the Conservative Party’s conference, “The way forward for our country is not to just pull the big lever marked uncontrolled immigration, and allow in huge numbers of people to do work. So what I won’t do is go back to the old failed model of low wages, low skills supported by uncontrolled immigration,” reported Aljareeza.

He continued, “There will be a period of adjustment, but that is I think what we need to see.”

It was made apparent that he would not open the taps of the immigration to pack such holes. He redirected such a role to businesses to attract more workers and lift wages, reported VOA.

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