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NASCAR Fans Chant ‘F— Joe Biden’ During Winner’s Post-Race Interview

The crowd cussed at President Joe Biden at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama following Brandon Brown emerging victorious in his initial NASCAR Xfinity Series race. (Photo: Mediaite)

A phenomenon has been growing in the course of the past few weeks that began at college football games: The chant “F— Joe Biden!” In the midst of COVID-19 orders, the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, leaving Afghan allies and Americans behind, and bolstering inflation, it was a storm of condemnation that burst out in the form of an expletive. It has also reached other events, including political demonstrations.

NASCAR Xfinity Series Sparks 300

Driver of the #68 The Original Larry’s Hard Lemonade Chevrolet Brandon Brown wins the NASCAR Xfinity Series Sparks 300 at Talladega Superspeedway on October 02, 2021. (Photo: Getty Images)

Brown’s Post-Race Interview

A chorus of “F— Joe Biden” poured from the crowd at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama after Brandon Brown clinched his initial NASCAR Xfinity Series race win. The singsong against the United States president transpired amid the interview of Brown after the race. When the athlete remarked that his triumph was a fulfilled aspiration, the crowd loudly chanted their denouncement of Biden in a chorus. The reporter falsely recognized the chants and said the crowd was yelling, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Deleted Post

NASCAR at first uploaded the footage of the interview with the chants against Biden. It was later deleted. NASCAR did not comment on questions behind the reason for the removal of the video.

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According to Brown, “Oh my God, this is just everything we’ve hoped and dreamed for. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do is take the trophy home to mom and dad.” The chants became more audible as the winner expressed his gratitude towards his loved ones and sponsors.

Since 2016, the winner has been participating in the Xfinity Series, reported NY Daily News.

Upon hearing the chants during the interview, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast appeared to swiftly shift the attention from the crowd by asking Brown further details about the race, reported Latin Post.

Other Events With Anti-Biden Chants

Also, the anti-Biden chant was made at the Ryder Cup this week. This was while fans were celebrating America’s victory of 19-9 over Europe. Biden was also denounced in unison by the audience at the Congressional Baseball Game this week. It was one of the few scenarios wherein quite a pleasant atmosphere between Republicans and Democrats was attempted.

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