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Large Oil Spill Off the Coast of California Closes Beaches, Includes Popular Huntington Beach

Authorities cautioned of environmental chaos on Sunday following over the leaking of 120,000 gallons of oil from a rig. The oil spill has been deposited by a tide on South Los Angeles beaches. It has posed a threat against closing famous shores and wildlife.

Huntington Beach

At least 126,000 gallons of oil have been discharged into the Pacific Ocean. (Photo: Getty Images)

A few moments prior to midnight local time, authorities had not yet officially announced that the discharge had been entirely halted, according to Petty Officer Richard Brahm, a Coast Guard spokesperson. He continued that the assessment of the rig is still underway. Officials stated the oil spill was initially reported on Saturday. It discharged an estimated 126,000 gallons over the course of 13 square miles.

Closing of Huntington Beach

The major oil spill has made Huntington Beach and other activities slated to transpire in the area to be shut down.

According to authorities, the discharge is expected to have transpired an estimated 4.5 miles offshore. Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr remarked the United States Coast Guard was informed of the oil spill at about 9 AM on Saturday.

Dead birds and fishes were carried ashore in a number of places. Cleanup workers made efforts to control the oil spill. It created a grease that covered Newport Beach to Huntington Beach.

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It was not made immediately known the root of the discharge. Authorities remarked it transpired three miles off the coast of Newport Beach. It also reportedly involved an error in a pipeline of 17.5 miles linked to an offshore oil platform named Elly. Elly is run by Beta Offshore.

Nine boats were overseeing the 24/7 cleanup operation. Crews had been designated to 3,700 feet of boom, a sailing barrier that helps control oil, reported The New York Times.

The Leak

According to the Orange County supervisor, it had “probably been leaking longer than we know,” reported Newser. On Friday evening, civilians said they could smell oil exhaust. The Amplify Energy Corporation CEO stated the pipeline had been closed and the remaining oil siphoned, reported Newser.

A probing into the pipeline rupture that resulted in the oil spill is ongoing. The US Coast Guard coordinated with local and state agencies in order to fly airplanes to evaluate the oil spill.

Huntington Beach Mayor touted the oil spill as a “potential ecological disaster.”

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