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Kabul Mosque Bomb Attack: 10 Dead, Over 30 Injured

Ten civilian fatalities have been recorded in a bomb explosion outside a mosque in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, according to a Taliban official. It was the most fatal attack in the city since United States forces left in late August.

Qari Saeed Khosti, a Taliban spokesperson for the interior, made the fatalities official. More than 30 people were injured. According to previous reports, a roadside bomb resulted in the blast.


One Taliban fighter stands guard as medical staff workers wait at the entrance of a hospital to receive the victims of the Kabul blast on October 3, 2021.

The said bomb targeted the Eidgah mosque during a memorial service for Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahi’s mother.

According to spokesman Bilal Karimi, Taliban fighters were not damaged in the siege. He remarked the victims were locals standing outside the mosque.

IS Militants Claimed Responsibility

The Islamic State affiliate in Khorasan Province IS-K claimed liability for the onslaught. Since the Taliban dominated in mid-August. attacks courtesy of IS militants targeting the Taliban have bolstered, reported Daily Mail.

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Details of the blast were not immediately made clear, reported Yahoo.

The incident transpired on the main road outside the said mosque when the prayer ceremony for the mother of Mujahid was ongoing. According to a Taliban source, all those affected were civilians.

An Italian non-profit organization that manages a Kabul hospital, Emergency NGO, said four people were being treated for being injured in the blast. Social media reports indicated the details of the massive explosion and emergency services rushing to the area.

Threats from Internal Enemies

The new Taliban provisional government is encountering a series of threats from internal adversaries for quite over a month since rebels took control of Afghanistan and its major cities, They inducted themselves in Kabul’s presidential palace.

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