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20-Year Old Man Punches Restaurant Manager Over Mask Argument

Early Friday morning, a man in Wisconsin was arrested by the police after punching a restaurant manager in the face after refusing to wear a mask. 

Wisconsin State Journal reported the incident where the police responded to a disturbance in Madison, Wisconsin, at Ian’s Pizza on 2 AM Friday morning. 


People stand in line while wearing face masks. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

The Incident

According to the police, the man got into a heated verbal argument with the other patrons of the establishment when the man refused to mask up upon entering the store.

The restaurant’s manager then asked the man to leave due to his “unruly nature and no mask. The identified man, 20-year-old, Abel Mosqueda then punched the manager in the face as a response.

According to the police report, after punching the manager, he then went outside and punched out an 8×8 window.

The man then was later arrested by the authorities. Before being booked, he was taken to the hospital for medical clearance due to a hand injury and was then booked into the Dane County Jail for tentative charges of battery and disorderly conduct.

Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin, has already ordered people over the ages of 2 and up are required to wear masks in any enclosed space that’s open to the public, except for a person’s household.

The mandate is in effect until October 8, and those who don’t comply with the order can be fined up to $376.

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Mask Confrontations

According to the authorities, Wisconsin is not the only recent incident regarding customers who show violent and unruly behavior in responding to COVID-19 restrictions.

Last month in New York, in a restaurant called Carmine, a group containing five tourists from Texas was reported for attacking a restaurant hostess who asked for the validity of their COVID-19 vaccination cards. When the hostess realized that the customers’ vaccine cards were fake, the five tourists– all women– began punching the hostess repeatedly.

Back in April, a New Jersey man attempted to strangle a female employee at Burger King after arguing with staff over the company’s face mask policy, according to police.

In Texas back in March, a man allegedly stabbed a Jack in the Box establishment manager multiple times after the man was asked to wear a face mask or leave the fast-food establishment.


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