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Gabby Pepito Already Missing a Day Before Officers Visit Brian Laundrie’s Home

Gabby Petito’s alarmed family contacted police in North Port, Florida, to file a missing persons report one day before she was officially reported missing, and officers came up at Brian Laundrie’s residence, according to reports.

According to police records obtained by WFLA, Petito’s family contacted the North Port Police Department on September 10 and sought to report her missing. However, the family was informed that, under state law and police department regulation, they must submit the complaint in the area of her last known location.

Gabby Pepito’s Family Called The Cops A Day They Reported Her Missing (Photo: DAvid Wexler/Daily Mail)

Call Logs Obtained On Pepito’s Case

Two 911 calls were made that day to North Port police in connection with the Laundrie’s family home, where Laundrie, 23, and Petito, 22, lived with his parents before their tragic cross-country trip, according to partially redacted call logs obtained by Both calls were classified as public service, with the first occurring shortly before 4 p.m. and the second occurring around 6.30 p.m. It’s unclear if these were the identical calls made by Petito’s family, but both were labeled as issue solved.

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The following day, September 11, Petito’s family was successful in reporting her missing in her home state of New York, initiating a massive search that resulted in her body being discovered in a Wyoming national park and her fianc√© fleeing. According to the logs, three more calls linked to the Laundrie residence were made on September 11 and were labeled as follow up/investigation and agency support.

Officers arrived at the Laundrie residence that day, after Petito was reported missing, and seized the couple’s white campervan. Between September 10 – the day before the missing persons report was filed – and September 27 – eight days after Petito’s body was found and ten since Laundrie was also reported missing – at least 46 emergency calls were made in connection with the home, including missing person, disturbance, follow up/investigation, agency assist, special detail, patrol check, and public service.

Police Speculated That Laundrie and His Mother Are Using Burner Phones

Laundrie’s parents claimed the person of interest in Petito’s homicide went on a hike at a nature reserve near their home in mid-September, prompting a nationwide manhunt for him. Laundrie’s family indicated on Friday that they believe he is still alive somewhere in Florida, raising concerns about his sister’s previous assertions about when she last saw him, as well as whether both Laundrie and his mother are using burner phones.

Laundrie’s parents refused investigators access to their home to question him from the beginning. They reported him missing three days later on September 17 – saying they last saw him going on a hike on September 14. Now there’s conjecture that Laundrie and his mother are both using burner phones.

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