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Former no. 25 Tennis Player Jeremy Chardy Believes He is Unable To Play and Train Due to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Former World No. 25 Jeremy Chardy (Photo: Online Teaching Jobs)

Former world No. 25 tennis player Jeremy Chardy says he has a series of difficulties after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and his season in 2021 is finished. Chardy, 34, opted to get vaccinated this summer; however,  it did not go well for him. Chardy, who is presently ranked 73rd in the world, believes he is unable to train or play.

According to Chardy’s statement to L’Equipe, he has experienced a series of complications since getting vaccinated between the Olympics and the US Open, which has resulted in his inability to train and play. He would want to take his time healing and ensuring that he will not have any problems in the future in the meanwhile.

He Regretted Getting the Shot

Chardy went on to say that as of the moment, his season has come to an end, and he has no idea when it will resume. He regretted he had gotten the vaccine because he could have avoided it. An idea surfaced for the first time that he might be playing his final game next season. Stefanos Tsitsipas, the world’s third-ranked tennis player, showed reluctance to receive the vaccine earlier this month.

World No.73 Tennis Player Jeremy Chardy (Photo: Inter Reviewed)

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Stefanos Tsitsipas To Getting Vaccinated

As it is a new vaccine with some side effects, it has not been evaluated extensively enough. He is aware of a few people who have them and he’s not opposed to vaccination. Nevertheless, he doesn’t see any reason why someone in his age range should get vaccinated, Tsitsipas said in August.

Tsitsipas believed that spreading the virus among young individuals was beneficial since it would help them build immunity. He does not see it as a negative development. Since the vaccine is not mandated, he believes that everyone has the right to decide for themselves what is good and wrong.

There will come a time when we should all do it, but he does not recommend getting the vaccine right away. We won’t have many options when that time comes, but until then, he’d like to see a better version of the vaccine with more benefits than drawbacks, Tsitsipas concluded.

However, Tsitsipas changed his opinions as a couple of days ago he announced he’s preparing to take the vaccine before the season concludes.

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