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Another Outbreak Prevails in 29 US States Amidst the Pandemic

A mysterious salmonella outbreak is currently sickening the health of Americans in 29 states, according to the most recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It has had 280 people ailing in the previous five days. Over two dozen hospitalizations have been recorded.

On September 22, a salmonella outbreak was initially made known in the US. It first merely affected 25 states in the nation. The source of the outbreak has yet to be discovered. The CDC stated it is conducting a finding of detecting the food source that resulted in the outbreak.

Salmonella Outbreak

Although not officially, authorities suspect that a salmonella outbreak that has infected 279 people in the United States could be courtesy of cilantro. (Photo: Freepik)

Texas at the Top of the List

According to the public health agency’s health experts, no fatalities have been recorded, notwithstanding the outbreak. Local health experts believe the number could be more inflated as a number of cases go undiscovered. Texas is at the top of the list in terms of infections. The CDC has recorded more than 500 cases so far in the state. The majority of cases are in north Texas.

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Takeout Container

Health officials have tracked down a takeout container from an unspecified restaurant in one of the 29 affected states that had contained lime, cilantro, and onion sent out as an order. The CDC, however, remarked it could not conclude which item in the cup could have been the root cause due to the fact that investigators were working with the container instead of all of its ingredients. For example, no onion was tested.

What is the Source of the Problem?

According to Brandi Smith, Epidemiology Nurse at the Wichita Falls – Wichita County Public Health District regarding the root of the outbreak, “Primarily what they have seen is cilantro lime jalapeno kind of mixture which is typically seen at our Mexican style restaurants,” Health authorities said Colin County, the Waco area, and Dallas County are the locations of the series of outbreaks for salmonella. There is no outbreak yet in Wichita County. However, there are ways to prevent salmonella in your food, and health officials have an advisory.


Smith advised ensuring the washing of fruits and vegetables prior to consumption. He added, “Specifically right now, it is the cilantro limes and jalapenos, but that goes for anything. A couple of other prevention tips: you want to keep your meats and poultry separated while you are handling those. Always wash your hands, wash those utensils, counter-tops, cutting boards, those kinds of things once you finished handling those meat products.”

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