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Fully Vaccinated 59-Year-Old Man, 66-Year-Old Wife Die to COVID-19 Holding Hands in Michigan

Despite having received full vaccination, Michigan couple died less than a minute apart on Monday while holding hands from a breakthrough COVID-19 case. However, the two already have underlying medical health conditions.

Cal Dunham, 59, and Linda Dunham, 66, became unwell earlier this month while on a family camping trip but assumed it was a cold. Sarah Dunham, the couple’s daughter, said her father had informed her that the two really were not feeling well. According to a local Fox station, the couple was hospitalized and placed on respiratory support a few days later. Both had preexisting conditions that made things even worse.

Linda and Cal Dunham While Holding Hands On Their Final Moments (Photo: Family Handout)

On Sunday, doctors told Dunham that there was little else they could do and that the couple would most likely need to be taken off life support the next day. Cal was carried into Linda’s room when it was time to disconnect the pair on Monday, and the couple was reunited. According to Fox-17, the pair clasped hands moments later, and Cal died at 11:07 a.m., followed by Linda at 11:08 a.m.

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According to Sarah, her father called her before their family camping trip and told her he was not feeling well but thought it was just a sinus and, her mother, Linda caught it too. On the third day, they woke her up to their worsening condition. So, she packed them all up and they left for the hospital.

Their health quickly deteriorated, and they were placed on ventilators. Cal died at 11:07 a.m. on Monday after being taken off life support, and Linda died less than a minute later. They died as a loving couple, holding each other’s hands. The underlying health issues the couple had are still unknown.

Sarah takes solace in the thought that her parents were united in death, just as they were in life. But now, she admits, she’s getting angry because she knows people just don’t take the illness that killed both of her parents in 60 seconds as seriously as they should be. In a statement, she expressed her frustration as she is angry with so many people that contracted the virus who thinks that is only there to it but she says otherwise. It could be any person— it could be anybody that did everything right, to following the protocol the way it should be done.

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