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States Eligible To Distribute Stimulus Checks as Unemployment Benefit Expires

100 US Dollar Bills (Photo: MARCA)

States across the United States are looking to provide an extra economic boost to their citizens in the trying times of pandemic as unemployment benefits expire, with governments preparing various forms of stimulus checks and benefits to lighten the financial blow caused by COVID-19 and the subsequent government initiatives exacted as a result of it. States have until the end of 2021 to distribute their funds, and governors have already begun distributing funds where they perceive their states need it the most.

Below is the outline of the  states where stimulus checks are being prepared or contested or where money has already been distributed to residents.

4th U.S Federal Cash Incentive For COVID-19 (Photo: MARCA)


Alaskans may be eligible for federal State Extended Benefits, which may add 13 to 20 weeks to their paychecks. This is only available for specific residents and relies on how much of the money has been claimed already. Alaskans also await news on the annual oil wealth checks.

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The situation in Arkansas remains tumultuous, with the state embroiled in a legal dispute with its own inhabitants over the loss of federal unemployment benefits worth $300 per week. A fourth check may have to wait until that war is resolved.


California is currently the only state to have issued a self-funded “stimulus” check. California enjoys a surplus due to its unique tax system. California has a liberal income tax system, meaning the more you earn, the more you pay. Combined with smart budgeting, this delivered actual $500 or $600 checks to residents earning between $30,000 and $75,000 each year. This is on top of the $500 for families with children.


People who earned unemployment benefits between March 15, 2020 and October 24, 2020 will receive $375. Those earning over $500 per week in base unemployment benefits are not eligible, according to CPR News.


Maryland recently repealed all state and municipal taxes on unemployment benefits and included $500 for families and $300 for individuals who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit.

New Mexico

According to KRQE, the state stimulus program would award $5 million to New Mexicans who did not qualify for federal stimulus funds.

New York

Federal stimulus funds are not available to unauthorized workers in New York. Residents of the state who earned less than $26,208 in 2020 are eligible.


Florida granted most teachers and administrators $1,000, but Governor DeSantis left out certain educators. The situation is fluid.


Governor Kemp of Georgia has authorized all full-time teachers and administrators to earn $1,000, with part-time instructors receiving $500. A proposal to support pre-K instructors is in the works.


Mississippi was one of the first states to get unemployment benefits early, and there are no plans to pay more. A new round of payments appears improbable in this state.


Although no retention bonus like Georgia and Florida has been announced, Michigan has already given teachers $500 hazard pay bonuses.


The state of Tennessee replaced a projected 2% raise with a $1,000 hazard pay incentive for full-time teachers in June. PT teachers get $500. Affected persons will be paid towards the end of the year.


Texas hasn’t confirmed a statewide retention bonus, but some districts are helping teachers. All district employees in Fort Worth and Arlington will see a 4% raise. Teachers in Denton and Mansfile will get a 2% rise. Employees in Denton will receive a $500 bonus, while those in Irving will receive a $2,000 bonus.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, there are more than 7,700 unclaimed stimulus payments, Child Tax Credit and others.

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