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Mother and 8-Year-Old Son Found Dead Inside Their Home, Authorities Say Victims were Murdered

Double Murder
A mother and her 8-year-old child was murdered in Arkansas. (Photo: KARK)

After her daughter and grandson were murdered last week, an Arkansas grandmother is sharing her heartbreaking story for the first time. The details of the killings are revealed in court documents released on Friday. The family members are revealing new details on the shooting scene that left, Arkansas mother and her 8-year -old son dead in their own home, According to Little Rock Police, the shooting happened Wednesday afternoon on Nichols Road.


A mother and her 8-year-old child was murdered in Arkansas. (Photo: KARK)

Little Rock Police Department Found Out The Suspect

Little Rock Police Department claims that the suspect in the case, Malcolm Ester, had been in a relationship with Shunteris Salter. The detectives found the probable cause of the crime where  Shunteris Salter, who was found by her mother on Wednesday afternoon, being shot and killed in her home, 1800 block of Nichols Road along with her 8-year old son, Jamichael Petty found dead, Tuesday evening. Malchor Esther would be the said suspect as Little Rock Police Department claims.
Shunterris’s mother, Sherita Salter is unprepared to face the circumstances that happened in her life. She witness her daughter being found lying dead on the ground. Salter says she tried calling her daughter but no one answered, so she went to her daughter’s home just after 3 p.m and she found her grandson and daughter shot dead.

Other family members told police that Ester and Salter had lived together in Eudora, Arkansas, before moving to Little Rock last year following an incident when Ester was shot. The family members also noted that Salter had split from Ester but that he had not taken it well and was juvenile.

Police Conducting Double Homicide Investigation in West Little Rock

Authorities said detectives determined 24-year-old Malcolm Ester to be the lead suspect in the case. He was arrested overnight and is now facing two counts of capital murder in the killings. Investigators claim Ester confessed to killings after being arrested Thursday morning.