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Vaccinated Americans Extremely Hesitant to Gatherings With the Unvaccinated, Poll Findings Show

Poll Finds Half of Vaccinated Americans are Hesitant to Spend the Holidays with the Unvaccinated (Photo: Twitter)

The vaccination status of Americans against COVID-19 is likely to influence how they celebrate the holidays this year. According to a recent Harris poll, half of vaccinated Americans may think twice about spending the holidays with family members and friends who haven’t gotten their vaccines yet.

Result of the Recent Harris Poll

A poll was conducted on 2,055 U.S. adults between September 17 to September 19, including 1,454 who are currently vaccinated for the COVID-19. The result showed half of the vaccinated participants replied indicated they are “extremely” or “considerably” hesitant to spend the holidays with unvaccinated family members or friends.

A third of those polled indicated they would go so far as to refuse to invite family or friends who refused to take health measures. 42% of those polled indicated they had canceled “at least one event or existing travel plan” with someone because they were not vaccinated.

The poll suggests persistent skepticism among the vaccinated as well as a growing social divide between Americans who have and have not decided to receive vaccine shots. Last winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday gatherings became a key source of growing COVID-19 cases in the United States. Despite public health experts’ advice not to go – and to take extra precautions if necessary- the country set air travel records in late 2020.

Harris Poll Findings (Photo: Daily Mail)

Reason Why the Poll was Conducted

The poll materialized as a result of new government guidelines released on Monday that require all international travelers coming to the United States to show confirmation of immunization as well as proof of a negative COVID-19 test before boarding. Unvaccinated American citizens must be tested within a day of returning to the United States, as well as after they arrive.

Medical professionals are emphasizing the importance of continuing inoculation efforts in anticipation of a surge brought on by the forthcoming winter season. However, according to one influential model, it will be less lethal than last year’s.

Other Relevant Findings of the Poll

According to Forbes, 54 percent of all poll respondents – vaccinated and unvaccinated – claimed that vaccination status will be considered when deciding whether to travel or attend large events. Furthermore, 66% of vaccinated respondents stated they would be extremely or somewhat uncomfortable attending a major sales event, such as Black Friday if some customers were not vaccinated.

The reluctance of vaccinated responders regarding holiday plans paralleled similar hesitancy about other large gatherings and public events.