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Man Punches a Female Nurse After Giving COVID-19 Vaccine To His Wife in Quebec

Man punches a nurse who gave a COVID-19 vaccine shot to his wife. (Photo: CBS News)

According to accounts, a Canadian nurse sustained severe face injuries after being reportedly assaulted by a man who was enraged that she had given his wife the COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccine Shot

Man punches a nurse who gave a COVID-19 vaccine shot to his wife. (Photo: CBS News)

Man Got Dismayed After a Nurse Give a Jab To His Wife

In a recently published article in Reuters, the claimed event took place at a drugstore in Sherbrooke, Quebec, some 100 kilometers southeast of Montreal. The guy was outraged that his wife had received the COVID-19 vaccine and rushed into the pharmacy’s office to voice his dissatisfaction, according to police.

The guy approached the nurse, who was described as a woman in her 40s, and the conversation reportedly became violent. According to CTVNews, she was repeatedly struck in the face before the culprit left the scene and managed to escape his capture.

Authorities are on the lookout for the culprit, who is described as a 30-45-year-old male. According to the report, he wore earrings and had a crucifix tattoo on his hand. Before Canada overcome vaccine shortages and outperformed the United States and most of the globe in vaccinations, the epidemic struck Quebec and Ontario severely. Currently, 70% of Canadians are completely immunized, compared to 55% of Americans.

Protests of Vaccine Mandate

After protests blocked down a highway and construction sites, police detained more than 60 of the estimated 2,000 individuals opposing Australia’s lockdown tactics and vaccination requirements, according to a published article in Newsweek.

After a spike in COVID-19 cases and a violent protest, officials in the Australian state of Victoria shut down the building and construction sector for two weeks on Monday. A vaccination requirement requiring all construction workers to receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the week was the focus of Monday’s protest in Melbourne.

During Monday’s demonstrations, the CFMEU headquarters, where protestors congregated, was destroyed. It triggered the deployment of riot police in the region, although it had little effect in quelling the uprising. On Tuesday, demonstrators gathered again, closing off sections of the city including the West Gate Bridge. To disperse the protestors, police used tear gas and rubber bullets.