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Search Warrant Launched on Gabby Pepito’s Fiancé Days After She Went Missing

Brian Laundrie became the subject of interest after the disappearance of Gabby Pepito, her fiancée on their cross-country journey following his physical assault on her. The FBI searched Laundrie’s home in Florida on Monday, weeks after Petito was reported missing.

Search warrant lauched to Petito’s Fiancee days after she went missing (Photo: Curt Anderson)


Authorities later discovered the remains of a 22-year-old woman body in northern Wyoming they believed to be Petito. She had last communicated with her family in late August when visiting Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with Laundrie. According to authorities, their social media posts describing the vacation was cut short, and Laundrie returned to their Florida home in their camper van – alone.

For over eight hours on Monday, federal authorities searched Laundrie’s home, questioning his parents and gathering information that could help them figure out what happened to Petito. The manhunt took them to a nearby nature preserve, but no one was found.

Though the investigators already identified him as a person of interest, they have not been able to connect with him. Search warrant documents authorize the authorities to seize his personal belongings.

In July, the pair set out on a cross-country road trip, documenting their adventures on a blog called “Van Life.” But, on August 12, near Moab, Utah, the two engage in an altercation of some sort. A witness contacted the police to a probable domestic violence incident between the two, initiating an investigation by local cops.

There were no arrests when police arrived on the scene and spoke with the couple. Petito, Laundrie, and a witness all claimed Petito slapped Laundrie after a heated argument, and Laundrie then “grabbed her face and slammed her back,” police reported. Petito and Laundrie, yet, as per the police, did not want to press charges.

The couple confirmed they were headed to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

On the evening of September 19, FBI officials announced that law enforcement agents searching for camping sites in the Spread Creek region have discovered a body.

The body discovered in a Wyoming forest is believed to be that of missing New York woman Gabby Petito, according to federal police. Authorities confirmed the identification of the 22-year-old woman.

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