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Joe Biden’s First U.N Address Remarks Cold War Against China, Other Countries

The content of Democratic President Joe Biden’s first presidential address to the United Nations will emphasize his belief in intensive and effective principled competition against China, Russia, or other countries that does not turn into conflict.However, he will affirm the importance of not signing up for a new Cold War with the said countries.

A senior representative in the administration stated that President Biden will address that he does not believe in the notion of a new Cold War that will divide world into blocs

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s remarks in the United Nations will be about cold war towards other countries. (Photo: Evan Vucci)

. The official added that Biden’s remarks would be intended to convey the notion that this is the time for vigorous competition with bigger countries, but not a new Cold War.

Biden’s speech arrives shortly after United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ recent remarks on US-China ties. According to the Associated Press, Guterres asked the two countries to fix their “completely dysfunctional” relationship in order to address global concerns.

Guterres pointed that we need to avoid at all cost a Cold War that would be different from the past one, and probably more dangerous and difficult to manage.

However, during the Monday White House conference, Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, disagreed with Guterres’ assessment of the US-China relationship.

According to her, the President’s and this administration’s view of their relationship with China is that it is one of competition, not conflict. They know that, while they may disagree with some of the ways China engages in the world, there are areas where they would want to continue to collaborate.

She claimed that Biden’s address at the United Nations will make it “crystal clear” that he is not to create a new Cold War with any country on the planet.

Psaki added that they will continue to pursue their interests and will continue to stress the importance of global concerns.

Between 1945 and 1991, Cold War referred to hostile relationship between the United States and its Western allies on one hand, and the Soviet Union and its East Bloc allies on the other. The icy war represented two nuclear-armed superpowers against one other, as well as opposing philosophies. The conflict has been described as a battle between capitalism and communism.

An administration official stated that Biden’s speech will center on the proposition of closing the chapter on 20 years of war and opening a chapter of intensive diplomacy to deal with the major challenges today that military power cannot fix.